Everyone dreads it. You’ve just bought your first new or new-to-you car. You take great pride in maintaining the car. You change the oil, top off your fluids regularly, and keep your brakes in tip-top shape. Then you enjoy a leisurely day of errand running, only to come out to the parking lot to see a shopping cart has raced across and slammed into your new ride. Crap. You’re a safe driver, you park as far away from other cars as possible and store your car inside a covered garage. You’ve done everything YOU can do to avoid the deterioration of your vehicle yet here you are, admiring your first dent on the body of your car. Frustrated, you dial the auto-body shop and they explain to you that they may be able to fix your dent using a technique called paintless dent removal. You’re intrigued and somewhat relieved – but what is paintless dent removal you might ask?

Paintless dent removal, also known as paintless dent repair, is a method of removing dents and creases from the body surface of an automobile. Just like the name suggests, paintless dent removal does not require us to match or reapply paint to the body of the automobile after the dent has been corrected. Since the application of new paint can be expensive, it is correct to infer that this paint-free method for correcting dents can also save you a boat load of cash!

When you take your vehicle in to undergo paintless dent removal, I will first assess the extent of the damage. By doing this, I will be able to decide which method of dent removal will be the most effective at removing your dent based upon the size, depth, and location of the area to be repaired – you guessed it – without having to match the color of your paint and reapply it over the repaired area. This quick and painless technique has been saving people like you and I so much time and money for quite some time now.

To achieve a smooth dent-free surface again, the dent is worked from behind and the outside of the panel using specialized tools of all lengths and sizes to massage your dent back into the original factory form saving your factory paint. It requires the perfect amount of pressure in the perfect areas of the dent at the right time to achieve an acceptable repair. If the dent is inaccessible from behind, such as roof rails, I will use a process that glue pulls the dent from the outside of your panel which is also safe for your vehicles factory paint. A large dent will usually always have a high crown around it due to the force of the metal movement at impact. I use paint safe knock down tools made of special materials to fully remove any evidence.

Remember, not all big stretched dents, or big dents with paint busted are paintless dent repairable. But don’t fret. I can use a push-to-paint method where I will remove the dent and then the panel can be re-painted at a body shop if your situation is more difficult to fix.

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